Making a user friendly web form

Here I have tried to put together a form that is simple, practical and adheres to user accessible guide lines.

A user friendly web form

Example of an accessible form field

<div class="field">
    <label for="temp">Title here <span class="required-star"></span></label>
    <input id="temp" class="js-required" type="text" name="temp"
            aria-required="true" placeholder="e.g. example here" />
    <span class="error js-required-error" style="display: none" role="alert">
        Error message here
    <span class="note">
        Extra information here
  • Red stars for required fields is a common convention
  • Examples as placeholders may occasionally be useful, but make sure they are understood as examples
  • The aria-required and role attributes are there to help screen readers
  • Error messages should appear when the user leaves the input (i.e. on blur), that way they appear as early as possible without being disruptive during typing
  • If there are errors when the user submits the form an error message should appear at the top in addition to the inline errors
  • Prefer radio buttons over select boxes when there are few options