Questions for a new web site

When creating a new web site, these are some questions you should ask yourself before getting started.


  • Who is going to use the web site?
  • What devices will they use?
  • Which web browsers will they use?
  • Do we have to accommodate users with disabilities?


  • What problem should the site solve?
  • What will the layout of the site be?
  • Which fonts shall be used?
  • What is the color scheme?
  • Do we have a logo for the site?
  • Should users login to the web site?
  • Should it be a Single Page Application?
  • Should it be responsive?
  • Should we use HTTPS?
  • Should it be in multiple languages?
  • Do we need to consider Search Engine Optimization?
  • Do we need a Content Management System?
  • Should the site have ads? How much?
  • Should the site have a search feature?
  • What will the navigation look like?
  • Do we use cookies and if so do we have to disclose it (EU law)?


  • Which browsers do we have to support?
  • What server side framework should we use?
  • What client side framework/libraries should we use?
  • What Content Management System should be used, if any?
  • Should we use a reset or normalize style sheet?
  • Should we use TypeScript instead of JavaScript?
  • Should we use SASS instead of CSS?
  • Should we use semantic markup?
  • Do we need an XML sitemap?
  • How should the robots.txt look?
  • Do we have a favicon?
  • Where in the html should stylesheets go?
  • Where in the html should scripts go?
  • Should we minifiy and bundle stylesheets?
  • Should we minifiy and bundle scripts?
  • Does it have to be translatable?
  • Is there and existing database the site should use?
  • How should exceptions caught in Global.asax be handled?
  • Should we implement logging in addition to the web server logs?


  • Where should it be deployed?
  • What type of database will be used?
  • Do we have a domain name ready?
  • Should we use staging when updating the site?
  • Should we use a CDN?
  • Should we use compression (gzip, deflate)?
  • Should the site be monitored in some way?
  • Can we add security headers? Which ones?
  • Do we need to account for sudden traffic spikes?
  • Who will make updates to the content of the site?