Pseudorandom Knowledge

A modern three tier website

Don't mix your layers of an onion.

Where the g stands for gRPC

WCF is dead; long live a variety of options, one of which is gRPC.

UI threading in .NET

Nine buttons (some of which work) and one unnecessary task.

SQL Server on Debian

I keep my tables far from the Windows.

ASP.NET Core on Debian and Apache

We don't need no Windows servers.

Speedy mobile web pages with AMP

A new way to make the mobile web very fast.

Translating Angular 2 with ASP.NET

Handle multiple languages in Angular 2 together with ASP.NET MVC.

Translating ASP.NET MVC

Handle multiple languages in ASP.NET MVC via resource files.

What’s with .NET nowadays?

Where I try to sort out what .NET is.

Questions for a new web site

A collection of things to consider when creating a new site.

Making a user friendly web form

Some pointers for making a good online questionnaire.

Let Angular do the work

A look at the client side framework Angular.

Fix SQL Server login after backup

Fix login problems after restoring SQL Server databases.

Data in a web page

My opinions on how to store data for a web page.

Web components of HTML

A way to modularize HTML into self-contained pieces.

Testing the view

Unit testing an ASP.NET MVC view.

Testing the model

Unit testing an ASP.NET MVC model.

Testing the controller

Unit testing an ASP.NET MVC controller.

SignalR: talk to your clients

Use SignalR for two-way communication with the browser.

Unit testing: replacing dependencies

Deal with dependencies in unit tests.

Unit testing: getting started

Get used to using unit testing.

Security in headers

Tell the browser how your web site should be treated.

Trimming Handlebars with Razor

An idea to combine Handlebars templating with Razor pages.

Organizing JavaScript with AMD

Manage your JavaScript code with RequireJS.

Let the client do the work

A look at client side frameworks, specifically Backbone.

SQL Server: aggregative queries

Working with groups of data in SQL Server.

Regular expressions in \.NET

Matching text in C# and Visual Studio.

SQL Server: recursion in queries

How to query tables that reference themselves.

A style for every media

Style conditionally with CSS media queries.

PowerShell to the people

Replace your command prompt today.

F# for real: a troposphere model

Writing not only type-safe but unit-safe code in F#.

SOLID: principles with an acronym

Five principles bundled together, but for what reason?

Prototype: in the shadow of jQuery

A, now mostly defunct, competitor to jQuery.

E-mail address validation ad nauseam

Why you shouldn't care about e-mail address validation.

A demonstration of combination

How to refer to elements in CSS by their relationships.

MVC divided (into areas)

Organize your ASP.NET MVC projects by using areas.

Inline vector graphics

Using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images directly in html.

Web safe all the fonts

How to use your own fonts on your web site.

Video goes native

Native browser support for video and audio.

Oh browser, where art thou

Making location aware web sites with Geolocation.

LINQ: I only speak in SQL

How to manipulate databases with LINQ.

LINQ: from one IEnumerable to another

How to manipulate lists with LINQ.

Server-sent events

A way to continuously send data to the browser.


A look at WebSocket and a failed attempt to use it.

Visual Studio LightSwitch

A quick look at the short lived development tool LightSwitch.

My ASP.NET is full of eels

Handle multiple languages in ASP.NET via resource files.

Semantic markup in HTML5

Use tags to explain your content in HTML.

CSS sprite button

Making a three state button with one image and some CSS.

Ajax via jQuery and ASP.NET

How to make Ajax calls with jQuery to ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms.

ASP.NET MVC from scratch

The minimum code necessary for an ASP.NET MVC application.

That jQuery thing: basics

An minimal introduction to using jQuery.

That jQuery thing: Visual Studio

Adding jQuery to web applications in Visual Studio.